quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2007


A Brazilian society, named Comunidade Servir (http://www.comunidadeservir.com.br/), i.e., Community to Serve, prepared a beautiful Christmas postcard, whit the following Bld Alexandrina’s nice text:

The Everything came down to the nothing, Greatness came down to poverty.
Love came down to coldness, to indifference, to misery, to indignity.
What a great love is Jesus!
Bld Alexandrina

3 comentários:

Paula disse...

Thank you for this beautiful blog!

José Ferreira disse...

I think that you are Portuguese, but I reply in my bad English.
Thank you, Paula.
I ask you to promote our Beata, who is one of the greatest saints of the Church.

Paula disse...

Well, I am Romanian. My language is close to Portuguese. :-). Thank you for the comment on my site. I will try to promote Bl. Alexandrina. I read about her and was very impressed by her life.