quarta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2008


An American group of about 30 Pilgrims for Peace came today, in the afternoon, to Balasar. As usually, Mr Jim and Mrs Jean Dudek and the Salesian Fr. Valinho, Sister Lucia’s nephew, led the group. They began their pilgrimage with the visit to the Bld Alexandrina’s House.
In the livingroom, they had the opportunity of hearing an explanation by José Ferreira on several features of Bld Alexandrina’s life, work and bibliography, with the precious aid of a translator, the Portuguese from Fatima Mr Armando. Later they visited Bld Alexandrina’s tomb in the parish Church.
These Pilgrims for Peace have a website where you can learn many interesting things: http://www.fatimapilgrimsforpeace.com/about_us.html. It has even a little page on Bld Alexandrina: http://www.fatimapilgrimsforpeace.com/photo_gallery_side_balasar.html

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