terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007


For Love Alone!

In the Bd Alexandrina’s Official Website there are other books in English about her. The most important is the excellent work, written by Eugénie Signorile in 2006, For Love Alone! (in Italian Solo per Amore!) and whose authorship is attributed to Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa (http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/so_por_amor.htm).
It is there also in the original Italian version, in Portuguese and in French.
A second book by the same authoress can be read in the Monthly Page, between June 2006 (http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/pagina_mensal_junho06_uk.htm) and June 2007. Its original Italian title is Alexandrina, voglio imparare da Te! and in English Alexandrina, I want to learn from you!
There is yet a third book translated into English, Alexandrina, teach me, which can be provided to whoever wants to read it.
And must no be forgotten the main English page of the same website, http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/index_english.htm.
On the next 14th October, we hope will be published in Balasar the book To the Ends of Earth, by Jose Ferreira, which will have also Portuguese edition.

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