terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2007


One of the most important books on the Blessed Alexandrina was prepared by the Signoriles (Eugénie and Chiaffredo), and has the title Figlia del Dolore, Madre di Amore. It was sold out and it will have new edition.
This book, "almost an autobiography", in the first edition had 768 pages and was, after Cristo Gesù in Alexandrina, the largest work ever written on her – to whom was assigned the authorship. The first edition was of the Mimep - Docete (http://www.mimep.it/mimep.asp), which certainly will publish also the second one.
If you open this page in the Official Website http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/plan_site.htm, and later open Writing with Flowers, you will have a very nice surprise.
The booklet Alexandrina, Teach me is already on line: http://alexandrinabalasar.free.fr/alexandrina_teach_me_index.htm
There is the ideia of translating into Litvan a book on the Bd Alexandrina.

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