sábado, 6 de outubro de 2007


Eugénie Signorile changed the title originally given to the book she will publish soon: the definitive heading is Protagonists of the Love. Since people will have natural curiosity to know something about it and we don’t have still the definite version, we put here the headings of the parts and chapters as they were in a version of some months ago:

Part I – As Jesus loves
1 - 20 centuries ago
2 - Today the resuscitated Jesus go on loving and suffering

Part II – As Alexandrina loves
1 - Love to the humanity
2 - Love to Jesus

Part III – Mutual love between Jesus and Alexandrina
1 - Each one gives and receives
2 - Mystical identification between Alexandrina and Jesus

Part IV – As Mary loves
1 - Help
2 - Mediator and co-redeemer
3 - The love of the Mother of the Sorrows

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